Code-aware batch spell checker software.

BatchSpellChecker is a professional spell checker software for the programmers, web developers, proofreaders and other people who need to deal with a large number of source files and documents. The program performs search in the multiple files simultaneously, and shows you the list of those containing the misprints and errors.

It is fully code-aware and supports a wide range of source code formats: XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, Delphi, Java, and much more. If you have ever tried to spell check the formatted document with an ordinary spell checker, you know that a headache this can be. They underline everything (constants and variables, modules and classes names, tags and attributes) except what you really need: client-facing text. Unlike them, BatchSpellChecker can determine the markup elements and will check only the parts you want. You may specify to process only the strings (document text, string variables, captions, messages, menu items, etc.) and source code comments.

BatchSpellChecker can perform spelling check for almost one hundred languages. The additional dictionaries can be downloaded using the built-in automatic updates feature. Also you can create your own dictionary with the lists of specific terms, identifiers and auto-correct entries.
  • Batch search in the specified location
  • Quick navigation between the files and errors
  • Shows suggestion list for all the spelling errors
  • Easy spelling correction
  • Applies the corrections to the source files
  • Supports more than 30 source code formats
  • Spelling check for almost 100 languages
  • Supports the custom dictionary
  • Ignores the markup elements